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United States Department of Justice Civil Division

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Title: United States Department of Justice Civil Division  
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Subject: United States Department of Justice, United States Attorney General, United States Attorneys' Manual, United States Assistant Attorney General, United States Associate Attorney General
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United States Department of Justice Civil Division

The United States Department of Justice Civil Division represents the United States, its departments and agencies, members of Congress, cabinet officers, and other federal employees. Its litigation reflects the diversity of government activities, involving, for example, the defense of challenges to Presidential actions; national security issues; benefit programs; energy policies; commercial issues such as contract disputes, banking insurance, patents, fraud, and debt collection; all manner of accident and liability claims; enforcement of immigration laws; and civil and criminal violations of consumer protection laws. Each year, Division attorneys handle thousands of cases that collectively involve billions of dollars in claims and recoveries. The Division confronts significant policy issues, which often rise to constitutional dimensions, in defending and enforcing various Federal programs and actions. The Civil Division is currently led by Assistant Attorney General Stuart F. Delery, filling the vacancy created by Tony West who was promoted to Associate Attorney General of the United States.[1]


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The Civil Division is made up of the following offices:

  • Appellate Staff
  • Commercial Litigation Branch
    • Civil Frauds Section
    • General Corporate/Financial Litigation Section
    • Intellectual Property Section
    • Foreign Litigation Section
    • National Courts Section
  • Consumer Protection Branch
  • Federal Programs Branch
    • National Security, Foreign Relations, and Law Enforcement Section
    • Interstate and Foreign Commerce Section
    • Government Agencies and Corporations Section
    • Nondiscrimination Personnel Litigation Section
    • Discrimination in Employment Litigation Section
    • Human Resources Section
    • Interior, Agriculture, and Energy Concerns Section
    • Housing and Community Development Section
    • Freedom of Information and Privacy Section
    • Regulatory Enforcement and Defensive Banking Litigation Section
    • Disability Litigation Section
  • Office of Immigration Litigation (OIL)
    • Appellate Section
    • District Court Section
  • Office of Management Programs
  • Torts Branch
    • Aviation and Admiralty Section
    • Federal Tort Claims Act Section
    • Environmental Torts Section
    • Constitutional and Specialized Torts Section
    • Tobacco Litigation Section

List of Assistant Attorneys General

Former Assistant Attorney General and future Chief Justice of the United States, Warren E. Burger
Carla Anderson Hills, the first woman Assistant Attorney General
Tony West, the first African American Assistant Attorney General
# Name Term Began Term Ended President(s) served under
1 Charles B. Rugg 1930 1933 Herbert Hoover
2 George C. Sweeney 1933 1935 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
3 Angus D. MacLean 1935
4 James W. Morris 1935 1937
5 Sam E. Whitaker 1937 1939
6 Francis Michael Shea 1939 1945
7 John F. Sonnett 1945 1947 Harry S. Truman
8 Peyton Ford 1947 1949
9 H. Graham Morison 1949 1951
10 Holmes Baldridge 1951 1953
11 Warren E. Burger 1953 1956 Dwight D. Eisenhower
12 George Cochran Doub 1953 1960
13 William Horsley Orrick, Jr. 1961 1963 John F. Kennedy
14 John W. Douglas 1963 1966 John F. Kennedy
Lyndon B. Johnson
15 Harold Barefoot Sanders, Jr. 1966 1967 Lyndon B. Johnson
16 Edwin L. Weisl, Jr. 1967 1969
17 William Ruckelshaus 1969 1970 Richard M. Nixon
18 L. Patrick Gray 1970 1972
19 Harlington Wood, Jr. 1972 1973
20 Carla Anderson Hills 1973 1975
21 Rex E. Lee 1975 1977 Gerald R. Ford
22 Barbara A. Babcock 1977 1979 Jimmy Carter
23 Alice Daniels 1979 1981
24 Paul J. McGrath 1981 1985 Ronald Reagan
25 Richard K. Willard 1985 1988
26 John R. Bolton 1988 1989
27 Stuart M. Gerson 1989 1993 George H.W. Bush
28 Frank W. Hunger 1993 1999 Bill Clinton
29 David W. Ogden 1999 2001
30 Robert D. McCallum, Jr. 2001 2003 George W. Bush
31 Peter D. Keisler 2003 2007
32 Gregory G. Katsas 2008 2009
34 Tony West 2009 2012 Barack Obama
35 Stuart F. Delery 2012 present


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  • US DOJ Civil Division home page
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