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United States House of Representatives elections in Pennsylvania, 2002


United States House of Representatives elections in Pennsylvania, 2002

The 2002 United States House elections in Pennsylvania was an election for Pennsylvania's delegation to the United States House of Representatives, which occurred as part of the general election of the House of Representatives on November 5, 2002.[1]

The election between Tim Holden was described as "PA's most exciting match-up" by the political website PoliticsPA.[2]

General election

District Party Incumbent Status Party Candidate Votes %
1 Democratic Robert A. Brady re-elected

Democratic Robert A. Brady 121,076 86.4
Republican Marie G. Delany 17,444 12.5
Green Mike Ewall 1,570 1.1
2 Democratic Chaka Fattah re-elected

Democratic Chaka Fattah 150,623 87.2
Republican Thomas G. Dougherty 20,988 12.2
3 Republican Phil English re-elected

Republican Phil English 116,763 77.7
Green Anndrea M. Benson 33,554 22.3
4 Republican Melissa Hart re-elected

Republican Melissa Hart 130,534 64.6
Democratic Stevan Drobac, Jr. 71,674 35.4
5 Republican John E. Peterson re-elected

Republican John E. Peterson 124,942 87.4
Libertarian Thomas A. Martin 18,078 12.6
6 Democratic Robert Borski retiring

Republican Jim Gerlach 103,648 51.4
Democratic Dan Wofford 98,128 48.6
7 Republican Curt Weldon re-elected

Republican Curt Weldon 146,296 66.1
Democratic Peter A. Lennon 75,055 33.8
8 Republican Jim Greenwood re-elected

Republican Jim Greenwood 127,475 62.6
Democratic Timothy T. Reece 76,178 37.4
9 Republican Bill Shuster re-elected

Republican Bill Shuster 124,184 71.1
Democratic John R. Henry 50,558 29.8
10 Republican Don Sherwood re-elected

Republican Don Sherwood 152,017 92.9
Green Kurt J. Shotko 11,613 7.1
11 Democratic Paul E. Kanjorski re-elected

Democratic Paul E. Kanjorski 93,758 55.6
Republican Louis J. Barletta 71,543 42.4
Reform Thomas J. Mclaughlin 3,304 2.0
12 Democratic John P. Murtha re-elected

Democratic John P. Murtha 1,242,01 73.5
Republican Bill Choby 44,818 26.5
13 Democratic Joseph M. Hoeffel re-elected

Democratic Joseph M. Hoeffel 107,945 50.9
Republican Melissa Brown 100,295 47.3
Constitution John P. McDermott 3,627 1.7
14 Democratic Mike Doyle re-elected

Democratic Mike Doyle 123,323 100.0
15 Republican Pat Toomey re-elected

Republican Pat Toomey 98,493 57.4
Democratic Edward J. O'Brien 73,212 42.6
16 Republican Joseph R. Pitts re-elected

Republican Joseph R. Pitts 119,046 88.5
Green Will Todd 8,720 6.5
Constitution Kenneth Brenneman 6,766 5.0
17 Democratic Tim Holden re-elected

Democratic Tim Holden 103,483 51.4
Republican George W. Gekas 97,802 48.6
18 Democratic Frank Mascara ran for 12th district

Republican Tim Murphy 119885 60.1
Democratic Jack Machek 79,451 39.9
19 Republican Todd Platts re-elected

Republican Todd Platts 143,097 91.1
Green Ben Price 7,900 5.0
Libertarian Michael Mickey Paoletta 6,008 3.8

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