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World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships

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Title: World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Yevgeniya Kanayeva, Yana Kudryavtseva, Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup, Tania Lamarca, Son Yeon-jae
Collection: Gymnastics World Championships, Rhythmic Gymnastics Competitions, World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships
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World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships

The World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships are the World Championships for the sport of rhythmic gymnastics. They were first held in 1963.


  • Championships 1
  • Medalists 2
    • Individual All-Around 2.1
    • Group All-Around 2.2
  • Total All-Around medals by country (1963–2014) 3


Year Games Host City Country Comments
1963 I Budapest  Hungary
1965 II Prague  Czechoslovakia
1967 III Copenhagen  Denmark
1969 IV Varna  Bulgaria
1971 V Havana  Cuba
1973 VI Rotterdam  Netherlands
1975 VII Madrid  Spain
1977 VIII Basel   Switzerland
1979 IX London  United Kingdom
1981 X Munich  West Germany
1983 XI Strasbourg  France
1985 XII Valladolid  Spain
1987 XIII Varna  Bulgaria
1989 XIV Sarajevo  Yugoslavia
1991 XV Athens  Greece
1992 XVI Brussels  Belgium
1993 XVII Alicante  Spain
1994 XVIII Paris  France
1995 XIX Vienna  Austria
1996 XX Budapest  Hungary
1997 XXI Berlin  Germany (individuals only)
1998 XXII Sevilla  Spain (groups only)
1999 XXIII Osaka  Japan
2001 XXIV Madrid  Spain (individuals only)
2002 XXV New Orleans  United States (groups only)
2003 XXVI Budapest  Hungary
2005 XXVII Baku  Azerbaijan
2007 XXVIII Patras  Greece
2009 XXIX Mie  Japan
2010 XXX Moscow  Russia
2011 XXXI Montpellier  France
2013 XXXII Kiev  Ukraine
2014 XXXIII İzmir  Turkey
2015 XXXIV Stuttgart  Germany
2017 XXXV Kazan  Russia


Individual All-Around

Individual All-Around Medalists
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1963 Budapest, Hungary Ludmila Savinkova Tatiana Kravtchenko Julia Trashlieva
1965 Prague, Czechoslovakia Hana Micechova Tatiana Kravtchenko Hana Machatová-Bogušovská
1967 Copenhagen, Denmark Elena Karpuchina Ute Lehmann Liubov Sereda
1969 Varna, Bulgaria Maria Gigova Liubov Sereda

Nechka Robeva

Galima Shugurova

1971 Havana, Cuba Maria Gigova Elena Karpuchina Alfia Nazmutdinova
1973 Rotterdam, The Netherlands Galima Shugurova

Maria Gigova

Natalia Krachinnekova
1975 Madrid, Spain Carmen Rischer Christiana Rosenberg Maria Jesús Alegre
1977 Basel, Switzerland Irina Deriugina Galima Shugurova Kristina Guiourova
1979 London, England Irina Deriugina Elena Tomas Irina Gabashvili
1981 Munich, West Germany Anelia Ralenkova Lilia Ignatova

Iliana Raeva

1983 Strasbourg, France Diliana Guerguieva Galina Beloglazova

Lilia Ignatova

Anelia Ralenkova

1985 Valladolid, Spain Diliana Guerguieva Lilia Ignatova Bianka Panova
1987 Varna, Bulgaria Bianka Panova Adriana Dunavska

Elizabeth Koleva

1989 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia Alexandra Timoshenko Bianka Panova Adriana Dunavska

Oksana Skaldina

1991 Athens, Greece Oksana Skaldina Alexandra Timoshenko Mila Marinova
1992 Brussels, Belgium Oxana Kostina Maria Petrova Larissa Loukianenko
1993 Alicante, Spain Maria Petrova Ekaterina Serebrianskaya Amina Zaripova
1994 Paris, France Maria Petrova Larissa Loukianenko

Amina Zaripova

1995 Vienna, Austria Ekaterina Serebrianskaya

Maria Petrova

Larissa Loukianenko

Yanina Batyrchina

1997 Berlin, Germany Elena Vitrichenko Natalia Lipkovskaya Yanina Batyrchina
1999 Osaka, Japan Alina Kabaeva Yulia Raskina Yulia Barsoukova
2001 Madrid, Spain Tamara Yerofeeva Simona Peycheva Anna Bessonova
2003 Budapest, Hungary Alina Kabaeva Anna Bessonova Irina Tchachina
2005 Baku, Azerbaijan Olga Kapranova Anna Bessonova Irina Tchachina
2007 Patras, Greece Anna Bessonova Vera Sessina Olga Kapranova
2009 Mie, Japan Yevgeniya Kanayeva Daria Kondakova Anna Bessonova
2010 Moscow, Russia Yevgeniya Kanayeva Daria Kondakova Melitina Staniouta
2011 Montpellier, France Yevgeniya Kanayeva Daria Kondakova Aliya Garayeva
2013 Kiev, Ukraine Yana Kudryavtseva Ganna Rizatdinova Melitina Staniouta
2014 Izmir, Turkey Yana Kudryavtseva Margarita Mamun Ganna Rizatdinova

Group All-Around

Group All-Around Medalists
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1967 Copenhagen, Denmark Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Bulgaria
1969 Varna, Bulgaria Bulgaria Soviet Union Czechoslovakia
1971 Havana, Cuba Bulgaria Soviet Union Italy
1973 Rotterdam, The Netherlands Soviet Union Czechoslovakia East Germany
1975 Madrid, Spain Italy Japan Spain
1977 Basel, Switzerland Soviet Union Bulgaria Czechoslovakia
1979 London, England Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Bulgaria
1981 Munich, West Germany Bulgaria USSR Czechoslovakia
1983 Strasbourg, France Bulgaria  USSR North Korea
1985 Valladolid, Spain Bulgaria  USSR

North Korea

1987 Varna, Bulgaria Bulgaria Soviet Union Spain


1989 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia Bulgaria Soviet Union Spain
1991 Athens, Greece Spain Soviet Union North Korea
1992 Brussels, Belgium Russia Spain North Korea
1994 Paris, France Russia Spain Bulgaria
1995 Vienna, Austria Bulgaria Spain Belarus
1996 Budapest, Hungary Bulgaria Spain Belarus
1998 Seville, Spain Belarus Spain Russia
1999 Osaka, Japan Russia Greece Belarus
2002 New Orleans, USA Russia Belarus Greece
2003 Budapest, Hungary Russia Bulgaria Belarus
2005 Baku, Azerbaijan Russia Italy Belarus
2007 Patras, Greece Russia Italy Belarus
2009 Mie, Japan Italy Belarus Russia
2010 Moscow, Russia Italy Belarus Russia
2011 Montpellier, France Italy Russia Bulgaria
2013 Kiev, Ukraine Belarus Italy Russia
2014 Izmir, Turkey Bulgaria Italy Belarus

Total All-Around medals by country (1963–2014)

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Bulgaria 20 13 9 42
2  Russia 16 8 11 35
3  USSR 11 17 5 33
4  Ukraine 4 4 3 11
5  Italy 4 4 1 9
6  Belarus 2 5 11 18
7  Spain 1 5 4 10
8  Czechoslovakia 1 3 4 8
9  West Germany 1 1 0 2
10  North Korea 0 1 3 4
11  East Germany 0 1 1 2
 Greece 0 1 1 2
13  Japan 0 1 0 1
14  China 0 0 1 1
 Azerbaijan 0 0 1 1
Total 58 62 53 173
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