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Yue Hong

Yue Hong
Native name 岳红
Born (1962-08-13) August 13, 1962
Chengdu, Sichuan
Residence Beijing
Alma mater Central Academy of Drama
Occupation Actress
Years active 1984 - present
Notable work Wild Mountains
A Tale of Two Donkeys
Children Daughter: Kaola
Yue Hong
Traditional Chinese 岳紅
Simplified Chinese 岳红

Yue Hong (born 13 August 1962) is a Chinese actress.[1][2]

She is noted for her roles as Gui Lan and Da Lian in the films Wild Mountains and A Tale of Two Donkeys respectively.


  • Life 1
    • Early life 1.1
    • Acting career 1.2
  • Personal life 2
  • Works 3
    • Film 3.1
    • Television 3.2
  • Awards 4
  • References 5


Early life

Yue was born and raised in Chengdu, Sichuan. After Resumption of University Entrance Examination in 1977, she entered Central Academy of Drama in 1980, majoring in acting, where she graduated in 1984.[3]

Acting career

After graduation, Yue was assigned to August First Studio as an actress.

Yue had her first experience in front of the camera in 1984, and she was chosen to act as a support actor in The Isle.

Yue first rose to prominence in 1985 for performing sketch in the CCTV New Years Gala. It reached number one in the ratings when it aired in China.

Yue won the Best Actress Award at the 6th Golden Rooster Awards for her performance in Wild Mountains, and she won the Golden Phoenix Award.[4][5]

For her role as Yang Guizhen in Eight Women Die a Martyr (1987), Yue won the Xiaobaihua Award for Best Supporting Actress.

In 2009, Yue played in Li Dawei's film A Tale of Two Donkeys, for which she won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 27th Golden Rooster Awards, and the Most Popular Actress Award at the 12th Shanghai International Film Festival.[6][7] That same year, she appeared in Shaken World, which earned her a Best Actress Award at the 6th Guangzhou University Student Film Festival.

Personal life

Yue and her husband divorced in 1990,they have a daughter, Kaola (Chinese: 考拉).[8]

In 2002, Yue was diagnosed with stomach cancer, she was perfectly recovered from her illness in 2005.[9]



Year Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1984 The Isle 《小岛》 Han Lin
1985 Wild Mountains 《野山》 Gui Lan
1986 In Their Prime 《他们正年轻》 Yan Pingping
1987 Eight Women Die a Martyr 《八女投江》 Yang Guizhen
1988 The Woman Assassin 《女刺客》
1989 The Animal Year 《本命年》 Luo Xiaofang
1990 Beyond all Recognition 《面目全非》 He Ru
Street Knight 《马路骑士》 guest
1991 Heros Shed No Tears 《英雄无泪》
1992 Twin Brother 《小鬼精灵》
1994 《 天地人心》 Wang Bing
2004 Laofei 《老费》
2005 The Mountains 《大山无言》
Romantic Evening 《浪漫黄昏》 Han Qili
Goodbye, My Love 《再见最爱的人》 Mother Su
2007 My Daughter, how can I love You 《女儿,我该怎么爱你》
sparks of Fire 《星星之火》
2009 Clubstory 《社区故事》
《青花运》 Guan Yilin
I Will Wait for You in the Heaven 《我在天堂等你》
Criminal Police 803 《刑警803》
A Tale of Two Donkeys 《走着瞧》 Da Lian
Shaken World 《惊天动地》 Ren Yue
2010 Police 110 《警方110》
2011 Flying 《飞天》
Little Tigers 《小小飞虎队》 The woman matchmaker
Loyalty and Betrayal 《忠诚与背叛》 Mr. Fan's mother
2012 The Safety Commissioner 《安监局长》
Deep Breath 《深呼吸》
The Moneybags 《小镇大款》
《燃烧的石榴》 Shi Liu
2013 《箭乡少女》 Ge Zhen
The Tree In The Rain 《雨中的树》 CPC Secretary Zhong
Lei Feng in 1959 《雷锋在1959》 Ning Haiqiang
August 7th Meeting 《八七会议》 Zhang Yuzhong


Year Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1986 Liaozhai 《聊斋电视系列片之狐仙驯悍记》 Mrs.Yin
1996 《满天星》 Tian Xiaohui
《追你到天边》 Mrs.Chun
1997 Shipubu 《石瀑布》
1998 Act of Will 《风雨人生》
The Story of Chuzu Village 《出租村的故事》
1999 《一路黄昏》
The Gold Rush 《淘金记》
2000 《要塞兵变》
2002 《乌龙闯情关》 Hu Zu
2003 Mother 《母亲》 Mother
The Legend of Concubine Li 《骊姬传奇》 Concubine Li
2005 My Mother, how can I love You 《妈妈,我该怎么爱你》
The Good Man: Li Chenggong 《好人李成功》 Li Hua
2006 《家事如天》 Wu Yue
《母爱十三宗》 Zheng Tong
《商贾将军》 The Businesswoman
A Very Long Engagement 《爱在战火纷飞时》 Japan's military women
Divorce Case 《离婚官司》 Zhang Shuixia
《乐意为人》 Wen Hong
2008 Tibets Tin Road 《雪域天路》 Tao Mujin
2009 Thirty Years after Marriage 《婚后三十年》 Liu Yun
The Legend of Wang Baozhang 《王保长歪传》 Jiang Jinfeng
2010 《江湖绝恋》 Mrs.Ji
The Story of Wenchuan 《汶川故事》 guest
《双城生活》 Niu Yibei
Luogu Lane 《锣鼓巷》 Mrs.Cheng
Home Cooking 《家常菜》 Yu Qiuhua
Sent-down Youth 《知青》 Liang Xixi
Chinese Expeditionary Force 《中国远征军》 Mother Han
Raise Head and See Bliss 《抬头见喜》 Chen Shuzhen
《一家不说两家话》 Liu Qingxiang
2011 《给水团》
Burning My Youth 《青春燃烧的岁月》
Cao Cao 《盖世英雄曹操》 Empress Dowager Dong
My Father's Wish 《老爸的心愿》
Return to Dafu Village 《重返大福村》 Xiao Yong's mother
2012 Xiangmuhu 《香木虎》
《老爹的非诚勿扰》 Gui Hua
Peace is lucky 《平安是福》
2013 The Story of Longmen Village 《龙门村的故事》
The Marriage Age 《后婚姻时代》


Year Work Award Result Notes
1986 Wild Mountains 6th Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress Won
1987 Golden Phoenix Award Won
2009 A Tale of Two Donkeys 27th Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actress Won
12th Shanghai International Film Festival for the Most Popular Actress Won
Shaken World 6th Guangzhou University Student Film Festival - Best Actress Won
2012 Raise Head and See Bliss China Golden Eagle TV Art Award for Favorite Actress Won
2013 Deep Breath 13th Baihe Award for Outstanding Actress Won
20th Beijing College Student Film Festival - Actress Award Won


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