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Undercover Kitty (film)

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Title: Undercover Kitty (film)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: 2001 in film, Golden Calf (award), Theo Maassen, Jack Wouterse, Carice van Houten, Undercover Kitty, Peter Vermeersch, Pierre Bokma, List of Dutch-language films, List of films that received the Platinum Film
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Undercover Kitty (film)

Miss Minoes (Undercover Kitty)
File:MINOES 27X40 11 21.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Vincent Bal
Produced by Burny Bos
Written by
Music by Peter Vermeersch
Cinematography Walther van den Ende
Editing by Peter Alderliesten
Distributed by
Release date(s)Template:Plainlist
Running time 86 minutes
Country Netherlands
Language Dutch
Box office $4,772,773[1][2]

Undercover Kitty (Dutch: Minoes) is a 2001 Dutch film, based on the children's novel Minoes by Annie M.G. Schmidt.


The story is about a woman, Minoes, who is actually a cat, set into human form by chemical accident. She lives in a box with a journalist, in the fictional town of Killendoorn. Minoes tries to act like a human being, but still has many cattish manners. She likes to eat fish and meowing on the roof with the other town cats, and she is afraid of dogs. She learns to stop her cattish ways and become more of a human. But sometimes she doesn't understand everything. She manages to pull through and started acting like a human.

The main story line starts with Tibbe, a journalist for the newspaper of the fictional city of Killendoorn. Tibbe is very shy, and therefore he finds it quite hard to write good articles. One day, Tibbe meets the strange young lady Minoes who is on a tree. She is a cat, set into human form. At first, Tibbe does not believe this, but Minoes happens to know all kinds of interesting news from the town cats, so it doesn't bother him: In exchange for food and a dry place to sleep, Tibbe allows Minoes to help him with his journalist job. With the help of the Cat Press Service and all news the cats bring in, Tibbe soon becomes the journalist with the best articles.

However, there is one important article that Tibbe does not dare to write: an article on the rich Mr. Ellemeet, the chemical factory owner. All town members consider him a very respectable man, and a real animal lover. But all cats know that he is not what he seems. After Minoes finally convinces Tibbe to write and publish the article, the whole town stands up against him. He loses his job and almost gets kicked out of his tiny apartment. However, Minoes helps set up a sting in which Ellemeet is filmed shooting at cats and revealed to be a cruel villain. In the end, although Minoes has a chance to turn back into a cat by eating a bullfinch (which supposedly eats herbs that can cure many conditions such as that of a cat turning into a human), she decides to remain human and stay with Tibbe.



The film was a box office success grossing $4,227,362 in the Netherlands, $111,858 in Germany, $34,164 in Austria, and $389,200 in Norway. Under the title Miss Minoes, Music Box Films released a dubbed version on 23 December 2011[3] in New York City[4] and Chicago.


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