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Johann Reinhold Forster

Johann Reinhold Forster
Johann Reinhold Forster
Born (1729-10-22)22 October 1729
Dirschau (Tczew), Royal Prussia, Crown of the Kingdom of Poland
Died 9 December 1798(1798-12-09) (aged 69)
Halle (Saale)
Fields natural history, ethnology
Author abbrev. (botany) J.R.Forst

Johann Reinhold Forster (22 October 1729 – 9 December 1798) was a

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Forster's Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (1772–73) on zoology, ornithology, and ichthyology established him as one of the earliest authorities on North American zoology.

In November 1779 Forster was appointed Professor of Natural History and Mineralogy at the University of Halle, and director of the Botanische Garten der Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, where he remained until his death. His Descriptiones animalium, completed within a month of returning to England with Cook, was eventually edited by Hinrich Lichtenstein and published in 1844.

Both the Forsters kept detailed diaries of everything they saw on the voyage, and made extensive collections of both natural history specimens and artifacts. On his return Forster published Observations Made during a Voyage round the World (1778).[9] However the income from the book was insufficient to clear his debts, and the bulk of Georg's drawings from the voyage had to be sold to Joseph Banks. During the next few years Forster undertook a variety of writing work, including a German translation of Thomas Pennant's Arctic Zoology.

When Joseph Banks withdrew at the last moment as naturalist on Cook's second voyage, Forster and his son were appointed to fill the vacant position. In July 1772 they set sail on the Resolution, returning to England in July 1775. During a stop in Cape Town, Forster engaged Anders Sparrman to act as his assistant.

In 1765 he accepted an offer made to him by the Russian government to inspect and report upon the new colonies founded on the banks of the England and became teacher of natural history at Warrington, Lancashire.[6] He spent three years teaching at the Dissenting Warrington Academy, succeeding Joseph Priestley. Compelled by his violent temper to resign this appointment, Forster then moved with his son to London, where they earned a precarious living by doing translations.[5] In 1771, he published A Catalogue of the Animals of North America,[7] which listed the region's mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects, arachnids, and crustaceans.[8]

Forster's family originated in the Georg Forster.

Johann Reinhold Forster and Tahiti, by John Francis Rigaud (1742–1810), 1780.



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