UPC netherlands

UPC Nederland B.V.
Besloten Vennootschap
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1998
Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands
Area served Parts of:
North Brabant
North Holland
South Holland
Products Cable television
Broadband Internet
Parent Liberty Global
Website upc.nl

UPC Netherlands (Dutch: UPC Nederland) is the second largest cable operator in the Netherlands, providing cable television (digital and analogue), broadband Internet, and telephone service to both residential and commercial customers.


UPC Netherlands was formed in 1995 as a joint venture between the Philips Electronics and United International Holdings, a US-owned media company, setting off on a path of quick acquisition of the Netherlands' then mostly regional TV cable operators, many of whom were already partially owned by Philips.[1] The South-Eastern and Eastern cable networks were unified under the UPC name in 1998,[2] with other networks, the largest being the Amsterdam A2000 network, joining later.

Some of the larger cable companies bought by UPC were: A2000 (Amsterdam and surrounding regions), Telekabel (Gelderland, Brabant, and Friesland), Gelrevision (Northern part of the Veluwe, South-east Flevoland and East Gelderland),[3] Eneco K&T (Rotterdam and surrounding regions),[4] Combivisie (Brabant)[5] and several smaller and mid-sized networks. Now the UPC customer base consists of approximately 1.7 million subscribers.


UPC Netherlands offers analogue and digital cable television, broadband Internet access, and voice over IP telephone services.

Cable television

Digital Television

UPC Netherlands provides about 200 television channels including around 44 in HD[6] and also more than 100 radio channels,[7] DVR service, video-on-demand content, catch-up TV from public television broadcasters and commercial television stations and interactive television using the DVB-C specification.[8] UPC uses the Nagravision conditional access system. Nevertheless about 40 TV channels and also 40 radio channels are transmitted in clear (unencrypted).[9]

A new high-end set-top box called Horizon got its first release in the Netherlands on September 7, 2012. It incorporates television, internet and telephone services in one device. It has six tuners, a modem and a router on board.[10]

Analogue Television

There are about 30 analogue television channels and about 40 analogue radio channels available.[11]


UPC Netherlands was in 2008 the first cable company in Europe to be using the new EuroDOCSIS 3.0 cable standard. This new standard made it possible to achieve speeds comparable to fiber, up to 120 Mb/s. UPC offers the following subscription forms:[12]

Name Download speed Upload speed Monthly cost
50 Mb/s Internet 50 Mb/s 2.5 Mb/s €32.50
120 Mb/s Internet 120 Mb/s 6 Mb/s €42.50
200Mb/s Internet 200 Mb/s 10 Mb/s € 52.50

Internet subscriptions include a Basic Cable TV and Radio (both analog and digital) subscription.[13]

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