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Cantons of Togo


Cantons of Togo

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The Cantons of Togo are the third-level administrative units of the country, after regions and prefectures. They are similar to communes or sub districts of other French African nations. As of 2013 there were 387 cantons of Togo.[1]


  • Centrale Region 1
    • Blitta Prefecture 1.1
    • Sotouboua Prefecture 1.2
    • Tchamba Prefecture 1.3
    • Tchaoudjo Prefecture 1.4
  • Kara Region 2
    • Assoli Prefecture 2.1
    • Bassar Prefecture 2.2
    • Bimah Prefecture 2.3
    • Dankpen Prefecture 2.4
    • Doufelgou Prefecture 2.5
    • Kéran Prefecture 2.6
    • Kozah Prefecture 2.7
  • Maritime Region 3
    • Avé Prefecture 3.1
    • Bas-Mono Prefecture 3.2
    • Golfe Prefecture 3.3
    • Lacs Prefecture 3.4
    • Vo Prefecture 3.5
    • Yoto Prefecture 3.6
    • Zio Prefecture 3.7
  • Plateaux Region 4
    • Agou Prefecture 4.1
    • Amou Prefecture 4.2
    • Danyi Prefecture 4.3
    • Est-Mono Prefecture 4.4
    • Haho Prefecture 4.5
    • Kloto Prefecture 4.6
    • Moyen-Mono Prefecture 4.7
    • Ogou Prefecture 4.8
    • Wawa Prefecture 4.9
  • Savanes Region 5
    • Kpendjal Prefecture 5.1
    • Oti Prefecture 5.2
    • Tandjouaré Prefecture 5.3
    • Tône Prefecture 5.4
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Centrale Region

Blitta Prefecture

Sotouboua Prefecture

Tchamba Prefecture

Tchaoudjo Prefecture

Kara Region

Assoli Prefecture

Bassar Prefecture

Bimah Prefecture

Dankpen Prefecture

Doufelgou Prefecture

Kéran Prefecture

Kozah Prefecture

Maritime Region

Plateaux Region

Agou Prefecture

Amou Prefecture

Danyi Prefecture

Est-Mono Prefecture

Haho Prefecture

Kloto Prefecture

Moyen-Mono Prefecture

Ogou Prefecture

Wawa Prefecture

Savanes Region

Kpendjal Prefecture

Oti Prefecture

Tandjouaré Prefecture

Tône Prefecture


  1. ^ "Le processus de décentralisation au Togo" (PDF) (in French). Retrieved 15 June 2015. 

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