Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actress

Golden Rooster for Best Supporting Actress (中国电影金鸡奖最佳女配角) is the main category of Competition of Golden Rooster Awards.Awarding to supporting actress(es) who have outstanding performance in motion pictures.

Award Winners & Nominees


Year Winner and nominees
Winner and nominees
English title Original title
1981 Lin Bin 林彬 Evening Rain 巴山夜雨
Mao Weihui 茅为蕙
Ouyang Ruqiu 欧阳儒秋
1982 He Xiaoshu 贺小书 Corner Left Unnoticed by Love 被爱情遗忘的角落
Wang Lihua 王立华 Female Soilders 女兵
Wang Yumei 王玉梅 In Laws 喜盈门
Wang Yumei 张金玲 Xu Mao and His Daughters 许茂和他的女儿们
1983 Zheng Zhenyao 郑振瑶 My Memories of Old Beijing 城南旧事
Yin Xin 殷新 Camel Xiangzi 骆驼祥子
1984 Song Xiaoying 宋晓英 Ward 16 十六号病房
Ding Yi 丁一 Zan Men De Niu Bai Sui 咱们的牛百岁
Wang Fuli 王馥荔 Zan Men De Niu Bai Sui 咱们的牛百岁
1985 Ding Yi 丁一 Girl from Mt. Huangshan 黄山来的姑娘
Wang Yumei 王玉梅 Tan Sitong 谭嗣同
Gai Ke 盖克 Wreaths at the Foot of the Mountain 高山下的花环
1986 Wang Fuli 王馥荔 Sunrise 日出
1987 Ding Jiali 丁嘉丽 The First Women In The Forests 山林中头一个女人
Xu Ning 徐宁 Hibiscus Town 芙蓉镇
1988 Lu Liping 吕丽萍 Old Well 老井
Song Chunli 宋春丽 Mandarin Duck Mansion 鸳鸯楼
Song Xiaoying 宋晓英 Mandarin Duck Mansion 鸳鸯楼
1989 N/A
Ma Xiaoqing 马晓晴 The Trouble Shooter 顽主


Year Winner and nominees
Winner and nominees
English title Original title
1990 Lin Moyu 林默予 The Dream Of The Red Chamber 红楼梦
Duan Xiu 段岫 Ballad of the Yellow River 黄河谣
1991 N/A
1992 Ding Jiali 丁嘉丽 Spring Festival 过年
Wang Yumei 王玉梅 Xin Xiang 心香
Ma Ling 马羚 The Weddings 高朋满座
1993 Zhang Liwei 张力维 Ren Zhi Chu 人之初
Fu Lili 傅丽莉 Stand Up, Don't Bend Over 站直喽!别趴下
1994 N/A
Ding Jiali 丁嘉丽 No More Applause 无人喝彩
1995 Ju Xue 剧雪 Gone Forever with My Love 永失我爱
1996 Zheng Weili 郑卫莉 Wu Er Ge Qing Shen 吴二哥请神
Jiang Yao 蒋耀 Yang Kaihui/Kong Fansen 杨开慧、孔繁森
1997 Ma Xiaoqing 马晓晴 I Have a Dad 我也有爸爸
Wu Hao 吴昊 The red card 红发卡
Zhang Yan 张延 After Divorce 离婚了,就别再来找我
1998 Bai Xueyun 白雪云 Settlement 安居
Lu Liping 吕丽萍 Spicy Love Soup 爱情麻辣烫
Shi Lan 石兰 Ji qing bian hu 激情辩护
1999 Yuan Quan 袁泉 Rhapsody of Sprin 春天的狂想
Yi Chunde 伊春德 The National Anthem 国歌


Year Winner and nominees
Winner and nominees
English title Original title
2000 Chen Jin 陈瑾 Heng Kong Chu Shi 横空出世
Xu Fan 徐帆 A Sigh 一声叹息
2001 Peng Yu 彭玉 The Full Moon 月圆今宵
Li Xiaomeng 李小萌 Who cares? 谁说我不在乎
2002 Yuan Quan 袁泉 Pretty Big Feet 美丽的大脚
Zhou Li 周莉 Profound Attacking 声震长空
2003 Xu Jinglei 徐静蕾 Far From Home 我的美丽乡愁
Chen Xiaoyi 陈小艺 The Parking Attendant In July 看车人的七月
Liang Jing 梁静 The Law of Romance 警察有约
Sa Rina 萨日娜 Father 父亲
2004 N/A
Ai Liya 艾丽娅 The Way to School 上学路上
Fan Bingbing 范冰冰 Cell Phone 手机
Qi Huan 齐欢 The Foliage 美人草
Shen Huifen 沈慧芬 Profoundly Affecting 惊心动魄
2005 Huang Meiying 黄梅莹 Peacock 孔雀
Gong Zhe 宫哲 You and Me 我们俩
Li Kechun 李克纯 Dam Street 红颜
Song Xiaoying 宋晓英 A Time to Love 情人结
2006-2007 Xiao Xiangyu 小香玉 One Foot Off The Ground 鸡犬不宁
Karen Mok 莫文蔚 Mr. Cinema 老港正传
Song Jia 宋佳 Curiosity Kills the Cat 好奇害死猫
Zhou Xun 周迅 The Banquet 夜宴
2008-2009 Yue Hong 岳红 A Tale Of Two Donkeys 走着瞧
Cao Cuifen 曹翠芬 Six Sisters 沂蒙六姐妹
Dong Xuan 董璇 And the Spring Comes 立春
Jiang Hongbo 姜宏波 Looking for Jackie 寻找成龙
Sun Li 孙俪 Painted Skin 画皮


Year Winner and nominees
Winner and nominees
English title Original title
2010-2011 Guo Ge 国歌 Through Stunning Storms 惊沙
Jiang Qinqin 蒋勤勤 Bright Sunshine 大太阳
Jiang Ruijia 姜瑞佳 Feitian 飞天
Li Bin 李滨 City Monkey 玩酷青春
Zaiyinaipu Ailemutayi 再伊奈普·艾勒木塔依 An Eternal Lamb 永生羊
Zhang Jingchu 张静初 Aftershock 唐山大地震


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