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Government of Staten Island

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Title: Government of Staten Island  
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Subject: Government of New York City, Borough President
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Government of Staten Island

The Government of Staten Island, or Richmond County, like the other boroughs which are contained within New York City, includes no county government. Counties within New York City lack the county courts of other counties in New York State. Richmond County is part of a state Supreme Court (general jurisdiction) district shared with Brooklyn, but has its own Surrogate's Court and judges of the Criminal Court, Family Court and the New York City Civil Court, the last having a similar jurisdiction to New York State County Courts for disputes under $25,000, small claims and housing cases. Criminal and Family Court judges are appointed; the others are elected. Also popularly elected are the District Attorney (public prosecutor) for Richmond County, currently Daniel Donovan (Republican), and the Borough President, James Molinaro (Conservative).


Staten Island politics differ considerably from the rest of the city, being far friendlier to the Republicans than other boroughs, although Democrats have a substantial majority in registration. According to the New York State Board of Elections, as of April 1, 2005, there were 119,601 registered Democrats in Staten Island versus only 82,193 registered Republicans.

Party affiliation of Staten Island registered voters
Party 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996
Democratic (%) 44.70 44.76 45.19 45.39 45.63 45.47 45.51 45.60 46.38 46.15
Republican (%) 30.64 30.47 30.77 30.55 30.68 30.76 31.17 31.60 30.80 31.28
No affiliation (%) 19.00 19.10 18.46 18.54 18.67 18.84 18.67 18.25 18.43 18.48
Other (%) 5.66 5.67 5.58 5.52 5.02 4.93 4.65 4.55 4.39 4.09

Local politics

Since New York City's consolidation in 1898, Staten Island has been governed by the New York City Charter that provides for a "strong" Mayor-council government. The centralized New York City government is responsible for public education, correctional institutions, libraries, public safety, police, fire, recreational facilities, sanitation, transportation, water supply, and welfare services in Staten Island. The Borough has three appointed Community Boards with advisory and limited administrative powers.

Staten Island representation in the [6].

National politics

Presidential election results
Year GOP &
Dem. &
2012 48.1% 74,223 50.7% 78,181
2008 51.7% 86,062 47.6% 79,311
2004 56.4% 90,325 42.7% 68,448
2000 45.0% 63,903 51.9% 73,828
1996 40.8% 52,207 50.5% 64,684
1992 47.9% 70,707 38.5% 56,901
1988 61.5% 77,427 38.0% 47,812
1984 65.1% 83,187 34.7% 44,345
1980 58.6% 64,885 33.7% 37,306
1976 54.1% 56,995 45.4% 47,867
1972 74.2% 84,686 25.6% 29,241
1968 55.3% 54,631 35.2% 34,770
1964 45.5% 42,330 54.4% 50,524
1960 56.5% 38,673 43.4% 50,356

In the national elections, Staten Island is not the Republican stronghold it is in local elections. However, it is not a Democratic stronghold like the rest of the city. It can be considered as a swing county with a slight Republican lean, though it seemed to become increasingly Democratic in the 1990s, like Long Island and Westchester County.

The island has only voted for the Democratic presidential nominee four times since 1952 — in 1964, 1996, 2000 and 2012. In the 2004 presidential election, George W. Bush received 57% of the island's votes to 42% for John Kerry; by contrast, Kerry outpolled Bush in the city's other four boroughs cumulatively by a margin of 77% to 22%.

Staten Island is currently in the 11th Congressional District, formerly the 13th Congressional District, which also includes part of Brooklyn. It has been held by the GOP from 1981 until 2009 when Democrat Michael McMahon won the seat. It was previously held by Vito Fossella, an outspoken conservative. Michael Grimm, a Republican, won back the seat for the GOP in 2010. The seat has always been targeted by Democrats, but Fossella always won with little trouble until 2004, when he lost the Brooklyn portion of the district by seven points. However, he won Staten Island by 26 points, undoubtedly helped by Bush's win in the borough. Before Fossella, Staten Island was represented by Susan Molinari, a moderate Republican who made the keynote speech at the 1996 Republican National Convention. Her father, Guy, held the seat from 1981 to 1990, when he was elected borough president.

The United States Postal Service operates post offices in Staten Island. The Staten Island Main Post Office is located at 550 Manor Road.[1][2]

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