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Interstate 495 (Massachusetts)

Interstate 495 marker

Interstate 495
Blue Star Memorial Highway
Route information
Maintained by MassDOT
Length: 120.74 mi[1] (194.31 km)
Existed: 1957 – present
Major junctions
South end: Route 25 in Wareham
North end: I‑95 in Salisbury
Counties: Plymouth, Bristol, Norfolk, Worcester, Middlesex, Essex
Highway system
I‑395 I‑695
I-495 bridge over the Merrimack River in Lawrence

Interstate 495 (abbreviated I-495) is the designation of an Interstate Highway half-beltway in Massachusetts. It was the longest auxiliary Interstate Highway of its kind—measuring 120.74 miles (194.40 kilometers)—until 1996, when the PA Route 9 section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike was redesignated as Interstate 476, making it about 11 miles (18 km) longer than I-495.[2][3][4] I-495 has its northern terminus at Interstate 95 in Salisbury. The highway, forming an arc approximately 30 miles (48 km) from Boston, intersects eight major radial expressways along its route: Interstate 93, U.S. Route 3, Route 2, Interstate 290, Interstate 90 (The Massachusetts Turnpike), Route 24 and Interstate 95 (twice). It has its southern terminus in Wareham, where Interstate 195 and Route 25 meet. Originally, the stretch from Route 24 to Interstate 195 was signed as Route 25; that status now only begins east of I-195.

I-495 and areas to its immediate west are often regarded as the outermost boundary of the Greater Boston region: its northern segment parallels the border with New Hampshire, at one point coming as close as 400 feet; its southern end is just north of Cape Cod; west of I-495 is the Worcester area and Central Massachusetts. In a more restricted sense, The Yankee Division Highway (Route 128 and the first 6.5 miles (10.5 km) of Interstate 93), which is parallel to I-495 but closer to the city, is sometimes regarded as the outer boundary of Boston's immediate suburbs.

The stretch of 495 north and east of Route 2 until its terminus at Interstate 95 in Salisbury is also the main limited access highway connecting the communities of the more urbanized Merrimack Valley region, separate from its purpose as a beltway for Boston.


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Route description

Interstate 495 begins as the direct continuation of Route 25 at the intersection with Interstate 195 in West Wareham. It starts as a two-lane highway in both directions. It gets the third lane during the interchange with Route 24. The junction includes the unusual transition of shrinking from the six-lane Route 25 to the four-lane interstate, due to the third lane of Route 25 joining to and from I-195. The road heads roughly northwest, passing through the towns of Rochester and Middleboro (where the road meets U.S. Route 44) as a four-lane highway before entering Bristol County, crossing the Taunton River at Raynham. There, it becomes a six-lane highway just southeast of the Route 24 interchange (which is actually in neighboring Bridgewater).

The road continues northwest through Taunton and Norton before entering Mansfield, where there is a short exit lane concurrency with Route 140. Interstate 495 makes its southern junction with its parent route, Interstate 95 on the border between Mansfield in Bristol County and Foxboro in Norfolk County. The road continues through Plainville (where there is a junction with U.S. Route 1, a popular exit for those heading to Gillette Stadium) and Wrentham (where the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets lie beside the highway at Route 1A). The highway comes within 2 miles of the Rhode Island state line before turning in a more northerly direction through Franklin and Bellingham.

Interstate 495 then begins to weave between far eastern Worcester County and western Middlesex County, passing through Milford in Worcester County, to Hopkinton in Middlesex County (where the junction with the Massachusetts Turnpike, or Interstate 90, is located). It then passes back into Worcester County a second time, going through Westboro (where the road meets Route 9) and Southboro. It then returns to Middlesex County briefly in the towns of Marlboro (where the road meets U.S. Route 20 and Interstate 290) and Hudson before making its final pass through Worcester County in the towns of Berlin, Bolton (where the road finally begins to turn northeasterly) and Harvard.

After weaving through the edge of Worcester County, the road finally re-enters Middlesex County, passing through Boxboro, Littleton (where there is an intersection with Route 2), Westford and Chelmsford. At the Chelmsford-Lowell line lies the intersection with U.S. Route 3 and the Lowell Connector (formerly Business Spur 495). The road continues through Lowell and Tewksbury before entering Essex County at Andover, directly at exit 39.

In Andover, the road has a junction with Interstate 93. It then enters the city of Lawrence, where the road turns due north, crossing the Shawsheen River into North Andover before crossing the Merrimack River at the O'Reilly Bridge back into Lawrence. It then heads into Methuen, where the road turns back to a northeasterly route after the junction with the Loop Connector (Rte. 213). The road heads into Haverhill, crossing the Merrimack twice more at a bend in the Bradford section of town. It passes north of downtown Haverhill, coming within 150 yards of the New Hampshire state line, the closest the road comes to leaving the state. Interstate 495 then passes through the towns of Merrimac and Amesbury before entering Salisbury where it immediately meets Interstate 95 and ends approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 km) south of where that interstate enters New Hampshire.

Throughout its path, the road passes closely to several existing state highways. From Wareham through to the Middleboro Rotary, it parallels Route 28. For much of the stretch between Norton and Milford, the road is within a few miles of Route 140, with two junctions of that highway in Mansfield and Franklin. From Milford to Bolton, the road passes just west of Route 85. Much of the northern third of the route also roughly parallels Massachusetts Route 110.[5]

Possible improvements

Some improvements expected to come to I-495 in the next few years include a project that will install fiber optic cable, traffic cameras and VMS Signs on I-495 from I-90 (Hopkinton) to I-93 (Andover). The new ITS system will help commuters and the state better understand the traffic congestion on I-495.

Exit list

County Location[6] mi[6] km Exit[7] Destinations[7] Notes
Plymouth Wareham 0.000 0.000 Route 25 east – Cape Cod Southern terminus; continuation from Route 25
0.012 0.019 1 I‑195 west – Wareham, New Bedford Eastern terminus of I-195
2.487 4.002 2 Route 58 – Carver, Plymouth No signage for Route 58 south, which ends .45 miles (0.72 km) to the south
Middleborough 7.600 12.231 3 Route 28 – Rock Village, South Middleboro
12.068 19.422 4 Route 105 – Middleboro Center, Lakeville
14.304 23.020 5 Route 18 / US 44 east – Bridgewater, Plymouth, Lakeville, New Bedford No signage for US 44 southbound
14.722 23.693 6 US 44 – Middleboro, Plymouth, Taunton, Providence, RI Signage for US 44 west northbound
Bridgewater 18.962 30.516 7A Route 24 north – Boston
19.200 30.899 7B Route 24 south – Fall River
Bristol Raynham 21.681 34.892 8 Route 138 – Stoughton, Taunton
Taunton 24.508 39.442 9 Bay Street – Taunton, Easton
Norton 26.906 43.301 10 Route 123 to Route 140 south – Norton, Easton No signage for Route 140 southbound
Mansfield 29.875 48.079 11 Route 140 south – Norton No northbound exit
29.913 48.140 12 Route 140 north – Mansfield
32.859 52.881 13A I‑95 north – Boston
Norfolk Foxborough 32.935 53.004 13B I‑95 south – Providence, RI
Plainville 35.554 57.219 14A US 1 north – Wrentham
35.605 57.301 14B US 1 south – North Attleboro
Wrentham 37.565 60.455 15 Route 1A – Wrentham, Plainville
Franklin 40.954 65.909 16 King Street – Franklin, Woonsocket, RI
43.183 69.496 17 Route 140 – Franklin, Bellingham
Bellingham 45.820 73.740 18 Route 126 – Medway, Bellingham
Worcester Milford 48.318 77.760 19 Route 109 – Milford, Medway
50.245 80.861 20 Route 85 – Milford, Hopkinton To Route 16
Middlesex Hopkinton 54.151 87.148 21 West Main Street – Hopkinton, Upton Split into exits 21A (Hopkinton) and 21B (Upton)
57.928 93.226 22 I‑90 / Mass Pike – Boston, Albany, NY Exit 11A on I-90
Worcester Westborough 59.414 95.618 23A Route 9 east – Framingham
59.472 95.711 23B Route 9 west – Worcester
Middlesex Marlborough 61.758 99.390 23C Simarano Drive – Marlboro, Southboro Interchange constructed in 2000
63.155 101.638 24 US 20 – Marlboro, Northboro Split into exits 24A (east) and 24B (west)
64.895 104.438 25A To Route 85 – Hudson, Marlboro Connection to Route 85 via unnumbered connector road
64.951 104.529 25B I‑290 west – Worcester Eastern terminus of I-290
Worcester Berlin 67.314 108.331 26 Route 62 – Berlin, Hudson
Bolton 70.006 112.664 27 Route 117 – Bolton, Stow
Middlesex Boxborough 74.652 120.141 28 Route 111 – Boxboro, Harvard
Littleton 77.641 124.951 29 Route 2 – Boston, Leominster Split into exits 29A (east) and 29B (west); Exits 40A-B on Route 2
79.176 127.421 30 Route 2A / Route 110 – Littleton, Ayer
80.209 129.084 31 Route 119 – Groton, Acton
Westford 83.297 134.054 32 Boston Road – Westford To Route 225
Chelmsford 87.328 140.541 33 Route 4 – North Chelmsford Northbound exit and southbound entrance
88.175 141.904 34 Route 4 / Route 110 – Chelmsford, Lowell No signage for Route 4 northbound
89.143 143.462 35
US 3 – Burlington, Nashua, NH Split into exits 35A (south) and 35B (north)
Lowell 89.425 143.916 35C Lowell Connector Formerly Exit 36
91.192 146.759 37 Woburn Street – South Lowell, North Billerica
Tewksbury 92.284 148.517 38 Route 38 – Lowell, Tewksbury
94.613 152.265 39 Route 133 – Dracut, Andover Southbound offramp begins in Essex County
Essex Andover 97.000 156.106 40A I‑93 south – Boston
97.045 156.179 40B I‑93 north – Concord, NH
99.411 159.986 41 Route 28 – Lawrence, Andover Split into exits 41A (south) and 41B (north) northbound
Lawrence 100.149 161.174 42 Route 114 – Middleton, South Lawrence Split into exits 42A (east) and 42B (west)
North Andover 100.953 162.468 43 Massachusetts Avenue – North Andover
101.370 163.139 44 Merrimack Street
Lawrence 101.938 164.053 45 Commonwealth Drive / Marston Street – Lawrence, Methuen Split into exits 45A (Commonwealth Dr) and 45B (Marston St) and goes on the lower side the double-decker bridge over the Merrimack River
Methuen 103.121 165.957 46 Route 110 (Merrimack Street) – Pleasant Valley
104.057 167.464 47 Route 213 (Loop Connector) – Methuen, Salem, NH Exit 5 on the Loop Connector; Eastern end of the Loop Connector
Haverhill 105.788 170.249 48 To Route 125 (via Industrial Avenue) – Ward Hill, Bradford
106.624 171.595 49 Route 110 / Route 113 (River Street)
107.303 172.687 50 Route 97 – Haverhill, Salem, NH
108.997 175.414 51 Route 125 – Haverhill, Plaistow, NH Split into exits 51A (south) and 51B (north)
111.182 178.930 52 Route 110 – Haverhill, Merrimac
Merrimac 114.894 184.904 53 Broad Street – Merrimac, Merrimacport
Amesbury 117.854 189.668 54 Route 150 – Amesbury
118.880 191.319 55 Route 110 east to I‑95 south – Salisbury, Boston Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Salisbury 120.95 194.65 I‑95 north – Portsmouth, NH Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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External links

  • Interstate 495 at Steve Anderson's Boston Roads site
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