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List of U.S. Army Rocket Launchers By Model Number

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Title: List of U.S. Army Rocket Launchers By Model Number  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: M-26 artillery rocket, Multiple rocket launcher, M55 (rocket), HIMARS, M72 LAW
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of U.S. Army Rocket Launchers By Model Number

T-34 rocket launcher in France.

This is a list of U.S. Army Rocket Launchers by model number. launchers can be either tube type, or rail type.

M number

rocket model size type launcher
M2 3.25 Inch target M1 rocket projector
M6 2.36 Inch HEAT M9 Bazooka
M7 2.36 Inch practice M9 Bazooka
M8 4.5 Inch HE various
M9 4.5 Inch practice various
M10 2.36 Inch smoke M9 Bazooka
M16 4.5 Inch HE M23 (T66) rocket launcher
M17 4.5 Inch practice M23 (T66) rocket launcher
M20 4.5 Inch HE
M21 4.5 Inch practice
M24 4.5 Inch Drill
M25 7.2 Inch CG Gas M24 rocket launcher
M26 2.36 Inch Gas M9 Bazooka
M27 7.2 Inch CK Gas M24 rocket launcher
M28 3.5 Inch HEAT M20 Super Bazooka
M29 3.5 Inch practice M20 Super Bazooka
M30 3.5 Inch smoke M20 Super Bazooka
  • M1 rocket launcher, 2.36 inch, solid tube shoulder mount. Bazooka
    • A1 Simplified design with improved electrical system
  • M1 rocket projector, 3.25 inch, rail, trailer mount
  • M2
  • M3
  • M4
  • M5
  • M6
  • M7
  • M8 rocket launcher, possibly T34 rocket launcher?
  • M9 rocket launcher, 2.36 inch, break down tube, shoulder mount. Bazooka
    • A1 Battery ignition replaced by trigger magneto
  • M10 rocket launcher, 4.5 inch, 3 plastic tube, aircraft mount.
  • M11
  • M12 rocket launcher, 4.5 inch, single tube, tripod mount. (for M20 rocket)
    • A1 plastic tube
    • A2 Manganese alloy tube
  • M13
  • M14 rocket launcher, 4.5 inch, 3 steel tube, aircraft mount.
  • M15 rocket launcher, 4.5 inch, 3 magnesium tube, aircraft mount.
  • M16 Rocket Projector on M4 Tank: 4.6 inch 60 tube rocket launcher (T-72)
  • M17 rocket launcher, 7.2 inch, 20-tube, tank mount.
  • M18 rocket launcher, 2.36 inch, aluminium break down tube, shoulder mount, Bazooka
  • M19
  • M20 rocket launcher, 3.5 inch, break down tube, shoulder mount, Super Bazooka
  • M21 rocket launcher, 4.5 inch, 25-tube, trailer mount. (T123)
  • M22 rocket launcher, fixed, Nike (rocket) (Ajax)
  • M23 rocket launcher, 4.5 inch, 24-tube, (T66)and(T66E2)?
  • M24 rocket launcher, 7.2 inch, 24-rail, for M25 (CG Gas) or M27 (CK Gas) chemical rocket
  • M25 rocket launcher, 3.5 inch, repeating, tripod-mounted, Bazooka

Test number

T-30 Rocket launcher
  • T1 rocket launcher, 2.36 inch, solid tube shoulder mount. M1 Bazooka
  • T3 rocket launcher, 4.5 inch, 1-tube on M4 carriage, (37 mm Gun M3)
  • T27 rocket launcher, 4.5 inch, 8-tube, vehicle or ground mount
  • T28
  • T29
  • T30 rocket launcher, 4.5 inch, 3-tube, aircraft mount
  • T31
  • T32 rocket launcher, 4.5 inch, 32-tube, tank mount, Xylophone
  • T33
  • T34 rocket launcher, 4.5 inch, 60-tube, tank mount, T34 Calliope
  • T35 rocket launcher, 4.5 inch, single tube, tripod mount, (M12)?
  • T36 rocket launcher, 4.5 inch, 8-tube, jeep mount
  • T37 rocket launcher, 7.2 inch, 20 tube, vehicle mount
  • T38
  • T39 rocket launcher, 7.2 inch, 20-tube,
  • T40 rocket launcher, 7.2 inch, 20-tube, tank mount, (M17) (whiz-bang)
  • T44 rocket launcher, 4.5 inch, 120 tube, DUKW mounted
  • T45 automatic rocket launcher, 4.5 inch, frame and rail, vehicle mounted
  • T59 rocket launcher, 10.75 inch, 18-rail, tracked trailer mount (mine clearing)
  • T64 rocket launcher, 5 inch, 0-length rail, HVAR
  • T66 rocket launcher, 4.5 inch, 24-tube, trailer mount, Honeycomb
  • T72 Rocket Projector on M4 Tank: 4.6 inch 60 tube rocket launcher (standarized as M16?)
  • T73 Rocket Projector on M4 Tank: 4.6 inch 10 tube rocket launcher
  • T76 Rocket Projector on M4 Tank: 7.5 inch rocket launcher
  • T99 Rocket Projector on M26 Tank: Two 11 tube launchers on sides of the turret
  • T103 Rocket launcher, 8 inch, 1-rail, trailer mount
  • T105 Rocket Projector on M4A1 Medium Tank: Long 7.2 inch launcher
  • T123 rocket launcher, 4.5 inch, 25-tube, trailer mount,(M21) (1951)
  • T128 rocket launcher, 46-tube, semi-mobile, Loki (rocket)
  • T129 rocket launcher, 6.5 inch, Multiple Rocket Launcher (1952)
  • T148 rocket launcher, rail, MGM-21 dart

See also


  • TM 9-2300 Standard Artillery and Fire Control Material. dated 1944
  • TM 9-2300 Artillery Materiel and Associated Equipment. dated May 1949
  • TM 9-392
  • TM 9-394 4.5 inch Rocket Material for Ground Use. dated 1945
  • TM 9-395 4.5 inch Aircraft Rocket Matériel
  • ST 9-159 handbook of Ordnance material dated March 1968. (ST- is Special Text)

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