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List of mayors of Syracuse, New York

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Title: List of mayors of Syracuse, New York  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Syracuse, New York, Italians in Syracuse, New York, New York state election, 1851, United States presidential election in New York, 2012, United States Senate election in New York, 1974
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List of mayors of Syracuse, New York

This is a list of mayors of Syracuse, New York.

List of mayors

Mayors of Syracuse
# Name Term Notes
1. Harvey Baldwin (D) 1848
2. Elias W. Leavenworth (W) 1849
3. Alfred H. Hovey (D) 1850
4. Horace Wheaton (D) 1851
5. Jason Cooper Woodruff (D) 1852
6. Dennis McCarthy (D) 1853
7. Allen Munroe (W) 1854
8. Lyman Stevens (D) 1855
9. Charles Ferre Williston (D) 1856-1857
10. William Winton (D) 1858
11. Elias W. Leavenworth (R) 1859
12. Amos Westcott (R) 1860
13. Charles Andrews (R) 1861-1862
14. Daniel Bookstaver (D) 1863
15. Archibald Campbell Powell (R) 1864
16. William Davenport Stewart (D) 1865-1867
17. Charles Andrews (R) 1868
18. Charles Parsons Clark (R) 1869-1870
19. Francis Edward Carroll (D) 1871-1872
20. William James Wallace (R) 1873
21. Nathan Fitch Graves (D) 1874
22. George Philip Hier (R) 1875
23. John J. Crouse (R) 1876
24. James Jerome Belden (R) 1877-1878
25. Irving Goodwin Vann (R) 1879
26. Francis Hendricks (R) 1880-1881
27. John Demong (D) 1882
28. Thomas Ryan (D) 1883-1885
29. Willis B. Burns (R) 1886-1887 First to serve two-year term
30. William Burns Kirk III (D) 1888-1889
31. William Cowie (R) 1890-1891
32. Jacob Amos (R) 1892-1895
33. James Kennedy McGuire (D) 1896-1901[1]
34. Jay Butler Kline (R) 1902-1903
35. Alan Cutler Fobes (R) 1904-1909[2]
36. Edward Schoeneck (R) 1910-1913
37. Louis Will (Progressive Party) 1914-1916
38. Walter Robinson Stone (R) 1916-1919
39. Harry Haile Farmer (R) 1920-1921
40. John Henry Walrath (R) 1922-1925
41. Charles George Hanna (R) 1926-1929
42. Rolland Bristol Marvin (R) 1930-1941
43. Thomas Edward Kennedy (R) 1942-1945
44. Frank James Costello (R) 1946-1949
45. Thomas Joseph Corcoran (D) 1950-1953
46. Donald Howe Mead (R) 1954-1957
47. Anthony Aloysius Henninger (R) 1958-1961
48. William Francis Walsh (R) 1962-1969
49. Lee Alexander (D) 1970-1985
50. Thomas Ganley Young (D) 1986-1993 Two-term limits for office of mayor were put into place
51. Roy Albert Bernardi (R) 1994-2001 Left office a few months early for a federal job at
Department of Housing and Urban Development[3]
52. Matthew John Driscoll (D) 2001-2009
53. Stephanie A. Miner (D) 2010–Present[4] First female mayor of Syracuse

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